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    KXP1 is a new, alternate stream for more informational content on Radio InfoWeb
    For more information, visit:

    (C) 2013 - KXP1-FM / - Denver and People's Republic of Boulder - Under Construction
    The opinions expressed by hosts and contributors are not necessarily those of KXP1. Regular listeners will realize we present a wide range of often conflicting views. All music on KXP1 has the Creative Commons license or is directly licensed. Those wishing to submit their music for broadcast must be able to directly license their work to KXP1.

    Notes to listeners:

    We're still getting some technical problems ironed out since the start of our broadcast, coinciding with the start of the new year. Many of the problems were due to our decision to try what turned out to be a not-ready-for-prime-time scheduling system. On 2/12/2013 we decided to give it the hook, and will be transitioning (slowly) to another system. In the meantime, there may be periods of silence or times-of-crash; please accept our apologies.

    KXP1 is a new listener-sponsored service designed to complement Radio InfoWeb, which has been broadcasting on the Internet since 1996. Radio InfoWeb is "Music for your Head", and we're "Information for your Head". So we hope that when you're in the mood for free form radio goodness, you'll head on over to Radio InfoWeb, and that when your brain is hungry for information, you'll come here.

    We're looking for volunteer producers (to help develop unique information programming for the global community) and technical directors (to help run the station) in the greater Boulder/Denver area. Both can be done by telecommuting. Tune into the audio stream to get our email address and/or phone number, and make contact if you're interested!

    What's this 4th Tower thing? It's the daily adventure serial being broadcast weekdays throughout the day on Radio InfoWeb ( The full daily version is airing Week 8 this week. Catch-up weekly episodes, condensed versions of daily episodes, are being broadcast on KXP1 for those who have missed daily episodes on Radio InfoWeb.

    Fourth Tower Catchup Schedule

    • Monday 2/11 - Week 4
    • Tuesday 2/12 - Week 5
    • Wednesday 2/13 - Week 6
    • Thursday 2/14 - Week 7
    • Friday 2/15 - Week 8
    Catchups run around 40 minutes, and air at 2:00am, 11:15am, 2:15pm, and 11:15pm Mountain Time ... Check back frequently, there are schedule changes several times a week.